Pop Candy: The Series Finale

As you may have heard, last week I lost my job at USA Today, where I spent 15 years writing the pop-culture blog I created there, Pop Candy. One of the toughest things about being laid off is the abruptness of it; I left without saying goodbye to my co-workers or, even more upsetting, the readers who had supported me for so long.

With that in mind, consider this Pop Candy’s final entry.

“What is Pop Candy?” people often asked. While I never mastered the perfect response, I’d usually say something like, “It’s my take on fringe, indie and retro culture,” or “It’s entertainment from my point of view!”

But really, that wasn’t the whole truth. I created a blog within a very mainstream organization to deliver a message: that it’s essential we rise above the mainstream. And frankly, I’m grateful I was able to get away with it for so long.

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Photo by Jason Travis

Photo by Jason Travis


Journalist and pop-culture critic Whitney Matheson has built a large, engaged audience that shares her enthusiasm for exploring culture outside the mainstream. As the writer and editor of Pop Candy, the award-winning blog she founded during her 15-year tenure at USA Today, Whitney has covered it all: the Oscars, Comic-Con, South by Southwest, Lebowski Fest, mustache competitions, you name it. Whitney has spoken about pop culture on dozens of podcasts, radio shows and TV networks, including MSNBC, VH1, BBC America, E! and Turner Classic Movies.

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